Strategy Development

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process of understanding your market position and the environment in which you operate, building consensus around your future vision and ultimately determining how you are going to advance your organization down the path of realizing your vision. Along the way, the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization must be created, updated or reaffirmed. The final result is a plan that lays out your strategic imperatives, goals and objectives. The deliverable to you is a plan that articulates the priority areas of the organization which, in turn, drives decision making in the future.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning is the annual implementation of a multi-year strategic plan. By taking specific elements of the strategic plan and understanding the contingencies, we are able to build a solid, incremental plan to successfully implement your strategic plan in a logical way that ultimately achieves your goals and objectives.

Business Planning

Business Planning is the analysis of a discreet business opportunity. The business opportunity may be one that was identified in the planning process or one that has been presented to you due to market dynamics. Regardless of how it came about, we can help you determine if the opportunity fits your strategic and financial goals.

Business Development Planning

Business Development Planning is the creation of a plan that focuses on the growth of top line revenue. The continued growth of profitable revenue is critical to ensuring the future viability of virtually every organization. Using a process to understand your current customers and markets and your future desired state, such as revenue targets, niche verticals and geographic reach, we help you create a business development plan that acknowledges the success of the past and builds on your strengths for even greater success in the future.

Organizational Development

Associate Opinion Surveys

Every company believes their Associates are their most important asset. Assessing how satisfied your Associates are will help you identify opportunities to improve satisfaction, resulting in more satisfied Associates, lower turnover and ultimately reduced costs. Our facilitated process spans the entire continuum from administering the survey, to analyzing the results to working with your Associates to develop ideas for improvement of satisfaction.

Sustainablility Plans

Sustainability Plans focus on creating a culture that supports sustaining the gains your organization has recently made in productivity, profitability, product reengineering or whatever the measure of success is that you monitor. Understanding where the organization has been, where it is now and what gains leadership would like to see sustained guides the development of the sustainability plan to ensure the culture is ready to support the change of the past and changes of the future yet to come.

Executive Coaching

Long-term sustained success is only possible with solid leadership. Many people that are promoted to a position with greater responsibilities are ready to assume these positions from a technical perspective, however the people side of the business may be a bit of a mystery. Working with an executive of your organization, we provide an objective, common sense approach to dealing with a variety of issues, including creating a culture that supports solid strategy development, people focused organizational development, creative innovation development and a mindset of process improvement.

Innovation Development

Most organizations say they want to be innovative, however many don’t know where to start or fall short of their full potential. True innovation requires a culture that supports ideas being surfaced from a variety of sources, is able to discontinue innovations that are not successful, supportive of failure and able to translate ideas into market-ready products or services. Similar to process improvement initiatives, innovation development requires a process. Our process will help you to identify opportunities, test them for viability, establish criteria for evaluation and decisions and, as needed, create pilot programs to test the product or service in the market.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement methodology has the potential to unleash short-term benefits such as realization of increased capacity and profit maximization. Additionally, tangible long-term benefits can be realized through the evolution of the company culture to where your associates begin to look for and optimize improvement opportunities on a daily basis. We can help you realize the many benefits of a robust process improvement culture.